E-Learning: Becoming Food Smart

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An e-learning course that will help you to learn more about Sugar, salt and fat: the three foods we’re told to moderate in order to stay healthy.  You are led through the course by Rita and Sammy who explore foods in their diets, and learn important messages.  They had quite a few surprises I wonder if you will too?

If you are trying to lose weight or simply want to understand more about nutrition for you and your family, then this course is for you. Becoming Food Smart contains three interactive and informative lessons on sugar, salt, and fat. Learn why too much of these food types is not good for us and how to be careful of foods you might have considered healthy before. Become savvy about monitoring what you’re eating whilst developing a healthy relationship with food.

4 reviews for E-Learning: Becoming Food Smart

  1. Catherine Reid

    Fun and interactive introduction to nutrition, easy to understand, highly recommend

    • Sarah Scotland

      Thanks, Cathy, so pleased you found it useful and hopefully you will make a few changes to your shopping basket!

  2. Ben Nesham

    Great Stuff!
    WorryingIy I got quite a few question wrong and I thought I was relatively nutrition savvy. This just shows how misled I have been. (I will no longer go on about rock/sea salt being the better option and instead keep an eye on the quantity I use.
    Loads of important info here and nicely interactive.
    No more meal deals for me…

    • Sarah Scotland

      Hi Ben, So pleased you found it useful! Yes watch the meal deals, I know there are cheap, but money is not everything!

  3. Elizabeth Clark

    Really enjoyed that the course had different participative activities. There was some info I knew but quite a few bits that were new information.

    • Sarah Scotland

      Hi Elizabeth, so pleased you enjoyed the course!

  4. Tripti

    Very informative course. Thank you Sarah.

    • Sarah Scotland

      So pleased Tripti that you enjoyed it!

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